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One of the most trusted and respected performance drive repair and manufacturing facilities in performance boating.

Craig Colabella, CEO of Colabella Performance Inc., began working on high-performance outdrives in 1979 at the endurance-testing facility at Lake X. In the 20 years he spent at Lake X before opening Colabella Performance, Craig became known as the go-to guy for rebuilding Mercury High-Performance drives.

Today our mechanics at Colabella Performance specialize in Mercury Racing Speedmaster IIIs, IIIAs, IVs, Vs, Sixs, M8s, M8Rs, NXT’s, all MerCruiser Bravo drives and all outboard gearcases.

History, Titles, and Successes: Welcome


Pride, professionalism and unmatched skill result in championships.

Craig has contributed to more than 200 world and national championships in offshore racing over the course of his career. Credited with building drives for notable teams such as:

  • Popeye’s

  • Jesse James

  • Team USA

  • Agitator

  • Spirit of Norway

  • Spirit of the Amazon

  • WHM Motorsports

History, Titles, and Successes: Welcome
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